Best Unpretentious Yoga Studio

Bernal Yoga

It isn't New Agey and it isn't full of intimidating Beautiful People — can it really be a yoga studio? Yes, indeed: Owned by local brother-and-sister team Bill and Savonn Wyland, Bernal Yoga offers classes for just about every level and aesthetic. Love the idea of occasionally hearing Led Zeppelin's “Black Dog” during your Downward-Facing Dog? Sign up for Flow with Megan Windeler. Just need to slough off the tough workday with soothing mantras? Gentle and Restorative Yoga with Britt Fohrman is for you. Round out the roster with classes like Family Yoga, along with special offerings such as candlelit Yin, and you'll soon realize there's a lot going on at this little studio. The prices are modest, at $15 for a single class and $145 for a monthly unlimited pass. Brand-new students can get a five-class pass for $35.


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