Best Unusual Textiles

Satin Moon Fabrics

Like the United Nations of fabrics, Satin Moon's overstuffed Clement storefront houses diverse material from India, China, Japan, and Italy (among other countries), but it's dominated by cloth from the United States. The stylish sisters who run the shop specialize in decorating fabrics — plush velvets, sumptuous brocades, and high-quality wools — that you can use for pillows, curtains, and upholstery. If you make your own clothes (or have them made), the store's selection of luxurious silks can't be beat; you'll find iridescent shades that change with the light, filmy cloth with hand-sewn embroidered patterns, and luscious colors. For sheer quantity of materials, stick with Britex, but for depth and quality, go to Satin Moon.

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