Best Vinyl That's Not Amoeba

Open Mind Music

Hordes of shoppers can give Amoeba the frenzied flavor of a Bangladesh marketplace. If you're in the mood for more peaceful crate-digging, Open Mind has the intimate feel of a mom and pop record store. It's an easy stroll down the hill from the bustling Haight. Inside, vinyl lovers will delight in the well-organized rows of clean records, all justly priced and neatly tucked away in plastic sleeves. What Open Mind might lack in size it makes up in quality, with well-stocked tunes for rock enthusiasts, rave groove collectors, and jazz junkies. They have top-quality turntables on hand should you want to give a potential purchase a test spin, and the stock of used and new records has a handpicked feel. It's a safe bet that even the noncollectibles are in immaculate shape, and many of the 12-inches on the shelves have little informational notes on the sleeves to whet the appetite.

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