Best Way to Be a Tourist


Erik Hormann and his wife, Amy, founded Vantigo, a tourism company that employs its beloved Lillie, a 1971 Chianti-red, seven-passenger Volkswagen bus, for expeditions. Since its first ride in August 2013, Hormann has been conducting Vantigo's day-and-night tours of San Francisco, day trips to Tomales Bay's Hog Island Oyster Company, and brewery tours along Highway 1 and the North Bay. Vantigo started when Erik tinkered with the idea of fusing his passion for San Francisco, beer culture, and Volkswagens with his strength for memorization and people skills into one feasible, professional outlet. Vantigo is different from other tours. Not only is it much more intimate with its smaller passenger capacity, but even with its fixed route, there are detours to local sites triggering offbeat but vital San Francisco history lessons, without making you feeling gawked-at from the confines of a massive tour bus.


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