Best Way to Eat Broccoli

Delarosa's Brocco-Bruschetta

Though Adriano Paganini's restaurant specializes in Roman-style wood-fired pizzas, you'd be remiss to skip out on its appetizers, in particular the broccolini bruschetta, a dish that may very well become your new favorite way to eat these tiny trees of the produce world. Tender baby broccoli is sautéed in garlic and butter and served over oozing crescenza cheese on thick crunchy slices of toasted baguette. With two slices per serving, it's hardly a meal, but still warrants sharing. Getting in your veggies feels suspiciously hip when done at bustling communal tables illuminated by a single hung lightbulb. Delarosa's second location on Yerba Buena Lane opened last fall, giving you twice the opportunity to rethink broccoli.

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