Best Weekly Film Screening That's Actually on Film

Oddball Film + Video

San Franciscans love putting on their own DIY movie shows, referred to by the smart set as “microcinema.” It's easily done thanks to the both the availability of digital projectors and the fact that seemingly everything ever made is available digitally. But what if you're jonesing for rare and unusual fare on actual, honest-to-goodness film, run through an actual projector, and viewed with other people? That's where Oddball Film + Video comes in. Operating primarily as a film archive — they notably supplied footage for Gus Van Sant's Milk and for David Fincher's Zodiac — Oddball also hold film screenings on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Depending on the night's theme, a given presentation typically includes short films, trailers, commercials, and other kinds of celluloid ephemera from their ever-growing collection of tens of thousands of 16mm and 35mm films. Many of the shows tend to be material that has never been digitized or otherwise seen outside of Oddball's walls in decades. To get to the screening room, you walk through the actual archives, stacks and stacks of carefully labeled film canisters. You may spy such intriguing titles as “Crocodile Thrills,” “Marx for Beginners,” or “Children and Infants in Car Crashes.” And if the screening room itself feels like a chapel, that's only because that's exactly what it is: a chapel of film.


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