Best Whisky Collection

Nihon Whisky Lounge

With Scotch whisky and American whiskey enjoying so much adoration, it's getting easier to find more than just Jack, Jim, and Johnny in most Bay Area bars. While an impressive selection might include a few dozen in a handful of categories, Nihon beats them all with a staggering 450 different bottles, about 330 of those being single-malt Scotch in what is certainly the largest whisk(e)y collection on the West Coast. Chances are that Nihon has three or four bottles of your favorite brand that you've never seen before. If you prefer your whisky in cocktail form, choose from among the 73 drinks on the menu, including our favorite, the Cablegram (Yamazaki Japanese whisky, ginger, lemon, and a float of aromatic lemon bitters).


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