Gay Bar We Hope Will Live Forever

The Gangway

In this city, the gay-bar funeral procession starts up every six months when another one announces its impending closure. But when The Gangway said in January that it was getting sold and then rescinded the news in April, we found ourselves hanging out there all the time, enjoying the hell out of the place. This working-class dive on Larkin Street has been around since the early 1960s — having been a bar of whatever kind for over a century — and it's probably the best place in San Francisco to have a random encounter, cheaply. Want to watch a savant guess every Jeopardy! clue correctly from the next stool while drinking a beer priced for patrons on a fixed income? Come here. There are gay bars we would love to resurrect (The Lexington Club, Esta Noche) and gay bars over which we probably wouldn't cry too hard if they vanished (The Café), but we genuinely hope The Gangway lives forever.

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