Still the Best Place to Let Your Dog Run Free — For Now

Fort Funston

Nesting seabirds aside, you'll find plenty of people ready to argue that it just isn't right to place a dog in the bounds of captivity. This is Canidae, after all, a wild thing, a warrior with prominent teeth, an alert manner, and no inborn patience for the Ralston-Purina Corp. But if you insist on muzzling this naturally feral critter into senility, at least give him or her a taste of freedom now and then. Below the bluffs and hang gliders and gun emplacements of Fort Funston there's a beach where canines of every breed lose their chains, frolic in the surf, bark at the horses from the nearby stable, and practice their socialization skills, running in packs as they were born to do. Even the on-site drinking fountain has a Fido-friendly water dish at its base.


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