Being an irrational number, pi cannot be expressed exactly as a common fraction. And being an inanimate object, The Exploratorium cannot express how effing excited it is for its 25th Annual Pi Day. If you were a fraction as worked up as The Exploratorium, your love would be like pi — never-ending. Even if you aren't on the hunt to find a pattern in the famous constant, you'll still be able to learn from mathematical experts and enjoy events like a Pi Shrine Installation (something tells us it will be round), a Pi parade, and giant servings of real-life, delicious pie that's sweeter than 3.14. And with free admission all day, you never know who you might meet. Maybe someone who melts your heart like he's Magnum P.I. Maybe you'll hit it off and you can pi him a drink. Start a non-repeating conversation that goes on forever. Who knows how it ends? So go to the nerd side. They have pi.

Fri., March 14, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 2014

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