75 and Still Beautiful

On May 27, the Golden Gate Bridge turns 75. If you were one of the 300,000 who walked across the bridge when it turned 50, you remember the unsettling sway, and the later reports that the convex profile of the bridge had been flattened by our collective weight. And you remember that it didn’t matter. Euphoria was high. Dianne Feinstein tossed Willie Brown’s $800 fedora into the sea like a Frisbee. Half a million people pushed together on the waterfront to see the bridge turned into a golden waterfall; even with advances in pyrotechnics, few fireworks displays have been as lovely. Why? Because the bridge is gorgeous. That’s the only reason an art exhibit titled “Artistic Visions of the Golden Gate Bridge” avoids becoming cheesy crafts-fair death. As one of 75 tributes to the span’s 75th anniversary, this exhibit draws on artists in multiple media. The steely rigor of the sea and soft nuzzle of fog are captured by photographers such as JoSon and Nicholas Pavloff. Geometry, color, and light are celebrated by Lynette Cook, Robert E. David, and Joan Brown. Builders are immortalized and memorialized by Owen Smith, Guy Diehl, and Don Farnsworth. Regardless of the lens, the bridge remains one of the modern Wonders of the World.
Tuesdays-Saturdays, 11 a.m. Starts: May 3. Continues through June 9, 2012

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