A Big Cat

When Bobcat Goldthwait first appeared in popular TV shows and films in the 1980s, his spastic fidgeting and wavering, squeaky-horn voice burned itself into the mental fabric of anyone who saw him. He appeared in the slapstick superstore franchise of the Police Academy films and in ding-dong rom-coms such as One Crazy Summer. People, he wrote the “Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies” (so said the Boston Globe), Shakes the Clown. Goldthwait has continued to act, write, and direct prolifically, with a particularly long stint directing Jimmy Kimmel Live from 2004 to 2007. He has also continued to do stand-up comedy, so tonight, please witness a man whose voice has been tempered with time, yet whose taste is still pleasantly questionable.
Aug. 13-14, 8 & 10:15 p.m., 2010

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