a different brand of comedy

A night with a good stand-up comedian can be a lot of things: hilarious, disturbing, enlightening, and, sometimes, even educational. But one thing it usually isn't is philosophical. Russell Brand, best known for his portrayal of a spaced-out rock star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is about to change that. His current show, Messiah Complex, brings the laughs we expect, but poses serious questions at the same time. Would Gandhi be into Apple? Would Jesus be into Christianity? It's tough to say, and Brand makes it clear that he doesn't have the answers, but begs the questions just for fun. “I am going to tour The World (our one, Earth) with Messiah Complex, causing bother and excitement and offering opinions that have not been either solicited or thought through,” he says. Fans of Brand may recognize this as a departure in style from his bawdier material, but the comedian says not to worry, there will still be plenty of references to sex. “Obviously.”

Thu., Aug. 29, 2013

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