A Good Start to the End of the World

Given our love of post-apocalyptic tales, from The Road Warrior to the The Road, and the swirl of doomsday scenarios attached to 2012, Apocalypse, Now? is a perfect theme for the opening edition of Bang Out. However, Amick Boone and Kevin Hobson, producers of the “quick and dirty reading series,” have always considered their themes to be launch pads, so while you might hear “apocalypse” and think “Revelation of John,” someone else might imagine the fiery homeworld of DC Comics supervillain Darkseid — or, more terrifyingly, the album on which Weird Al parodies the White Stripes and Taylor Swift. At present, Bang Out can promise a satirical look at a misguided science experiment, the saga of a post-apocalyptic laundromat, and a real family history from the Philippines (where Apocalypse Now was filmed). No matter what the direction, no piece will exceed 1,000 words, which works out to roughly seven minutes, and the audience will stay quiet enough to hear your secrets. This round of readers includes Ken-win Jung, Maya Weeks, and Zarina Zabrisky.
Fri., Jan. 13, 2012

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