A Mean Good Time

P unk rock can be an immensely powerful weapon of change, with fiery guitars and drums creating intense, perspective-shaking expressions of the human condition. Alternately, punk can be used to par-tay, which Mean Jeans cares about way more than any sociopolitical rigmarole. On its Facebook page, the Portland, Ore., three-piece swears by the perfectly dopey genre of “Cool Punk.” Musically, that translates to giddy pop hooks, plenty of “Whoa-oh” gang vocals, lyrics about the ups and downs of having fun and hanging out, and numeral-abusing track titles Prince probably wishes he'd conceived (“Ready 2 Rip,” “Let's Pogo B4 U Gogo,” “Stoned 2 the Bone”). Currently housed on Pacific Northwest indie label Dirtnap Records (one of the smartest band/label tandems ever), Mean Jeans practically emits sweat and cheap beer through the speakers. See the band perform with Glitz, Dancer, and The Shrouds on Friday, May 25, at Thee Parkside.
Fri., May 25, 9 p.m., 2012

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