Activism 2.0

Randy Shaw wrote the book on progressive activism. Literally. His 2001 primer, The Activist's Handbook, was hailed as the ultimate guide for the city's liberals, misfits, and housing activists. It was released into a San Francisco with clear parallels to our own time: An influx of tech workers and dotcoms (we didn't call them start-ups yet) was driving up rents and pricing out longtime residents, working class families, and artists. But while the issues were similar, the world has changed quite a bit since then. In 2001, George Bush was president, and Twitter, YouTube, and Uber were distant twinkles in a programmer's eye. With the rise of social media and the Obama presidency in mind, Shaw recently updated his handbook. This new edition, The Activist's Handbook: Winning Social Change in the 21st Century, applies the tactical guidance of the first edition to the tools of today and explores the impacts of various social movements, such as Occupy, the immigrants'-rights movement, and the struggle for marriage equality.

Tue., Jan. 14, 7 p.m., 2014

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