Akin to Greatness

No matter what you fancy modern dance should be, chances are at least one piece on a Robert Moses' Kin bill will satisfy your criteria. Too inquisitive to consign himself to any success-ensuring formula (acquaintances say they never see him without a new book in hand), Moses is known for his eclectic programming. A politically charged, text-laden number may follow a soaring, lyrical one, or perhaps something quirky and gestural. Robert Moses' Kin's 13th Annual Home Season is no exception, juxtaposing three new dances Moses calls his most personal and romantic in years with a piece about the legacy of medical experimentation on the underprivileged. Mercifully, audience members will have time to down a glass of wine at intermission in preparation for the final work, aptly named “Consent.” Among the accompaniment for the more poetic first half is an original score by Moses himself, proving once again his fearless willingness to follow his creative instincts into whatever new territory they may roam.
Feb. 14-17, 8 p.m.; Feb. 20-24, 2008

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