All Will Become Unclear

“You had me at $4.99,” is what you will say when stepping through the front door of this evening's fun hole for The Unclear Cabaret. When you run into folks pricing their event against discount toilet paper and a pack of diapers, you should just sign up for the whole experience, sight unseen, road unknown. Your clearly excellent entertainment at this unclear event is a drag show with the most Honest Abe title ever, “The Lowered Expectations Drag Show.” It would appear impossible to lose! If you haven't spent your life “adjusting” or, more accurately, “lowering” your expectations, then it's time you learned the magic of downgrading. It's the whole premise behind finding a date at the end of the night in a room full of people you've previously ignored! There are also four bands to regale you tonight. The excellent, theatrical Moira Scar is on the bill, conjuring a sort of the-Need-meets-Bauhaus vibe; the Judy Experience gives you an always-original view into James Brooks Caperton's mind and has previously featured much art-rock flute; plus find Swann Danger and Null Static Void. Go ahead and wipe your bunz with napkins for another week; your $4.99 is best spent here.
Thu., Aug. 25, 9 p.m., 2011

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