And to Think That We Saw It on Market Street

From suits in the Financial District to sketchy corners in the Tenderloin and all the way up past the Castro into Twin Peaks, no other street says San Francisco like Market Street. It's been here since before our little fog island was even called San Francisco, and like the city itself, it's always changing. Recent years have seen the addition of thousands of bicyclists and construction of bike lanes to accommodate them. And with the tech boom booming and a new mall on the way, San Francisco's “grand boulevard” can expect a demographic makeover in the coming years. This fact is not lost on Darryl Jones, who chronicles what was, what is, and what could be, in the film This Is Market Street. Shot in 2012, This Is Market lets the street speak for itself through its daily inhabitants. Many of them will be familiar to anyone who lurks on Market regularly: Kenny the Clown, the bucket drummer, and Powell Street's Turf dancers all make an appearance in the trailer. A panel discussion with Jones and members of the SF Planning Department is scheduled after the screening.

Wed., June 26, 6 p.m., 2013

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