How do you make a film about a man as famously elusive as Bill Callahan? Filmmaker (and future Mrs. Callahan) Hanly Banks certainly didn't expect him to explain the lyrical labyrinths that make up 20 years of Callahan's music. Instead, she worked with his widely revered Apocalypse album and the 2011 tour for it. It's a live performance film, but it's also distinctly hers, a piece of art exploring the slideshow of American landscapes passing by their tour bus window, in conversation with Callahan's low-fi and cryptic musings. The film will screen with In Search of Blind Joe Death — a full length documentary that graces us with the delightful piece of Americana that is guitarist and folklorist John Fahey. Fahey, too, retained a lot of mystery since his first album came out in 1959, albeit (at least towards the end of his life) as more of an all-knowing, etherial Santa Claus. The film follows him throughout all of his highly influential contributions to American music, love and academic study of folklore, his darker days and later return to the avant-garde in his music. Noise Pop presents a perfect pairing for American music enthusiasts.

Wed., July 9, 7:15 p.m., 2014

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