Andrew Paul Nelson, founder of Name Drop Swamp Records and former member of the band Fox & Woman, has organized a free, daylong music and poetry festival called North Beach Bacchanalia, which will feature more than half a dozen local bands (including Devotionals, New Spell, and Field Medic), as well as Seattle-based group The Thoughts, and poetry readings by the likes of Charlie Getter, Jon Siegel, Chris Peck, and Shye Powers. “There's all of this talk about how difficult SF is becoming for someone who isn't a capitalist, especially in regards to making art,” Nelson says. “One of the biggest motivations behind doing a festival like this is to maintain a level of cultural relevance. Just because it's gotten more and more difficult to maintain an active art community here than maybe it has been in a long time… that doesn't mean that the people who are here are going to just leave, or give up, or complain about it.”

Sun., June 22, 1-9 p.m., 2014

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