Backstage at the Art Exhibit

Curators are underappreciated. Sure, you’ve heard of Jean-Michel Basquiat, but have you heard of the person who decided to put his art on the walls in the first place, helped him choose which paintings to show, or considered what color to paint those walls? Neither have we, but we’d sure like to hear what she’d have to say. At “Regeneration: Intersection for the Arts Intern Artwalk,” seven young people who’ve been studying the art of curation (among other subjects at the gallery’s Leadership Training Program) walk you around to their streetside window installations at local businesses, and explain what they’ve chosen to put there and why. If you love art, this rare type of event is a great, juicy treat; extremely fun and extremely thought-provoking. In this case, the work is the curators’ own, and the businesses have been chosen carefully — for example, Ana Bedolla’s art uses live plants, and her exhibit appears in the windows of nature-artifact emporium Paxton Gate.
Sat., Aug. 28, noon, 2010

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