Be Free

Icarus wants to fly. Onstage, a man springs repeatedly from a standing position to a spread-eagled one, 4 feet in the air. In a sense, he's flying, but everyone knows Icarus needs to fly higher, a lot higher. In this simple if thrillingly muscular moment, choreographer Enrico Labayen does many things only contemporary dance can do. He tells a story using only a body and music — all contemporary choreographers try to. But Labayen actually seems to want audiences to know what the story is, and very few contemporary choreographers seem to want that. At “Broken Column and Other Premieres,” the Labayen Dance SF company takes the Icarus myth a step farther than its previous use as a metaphor for the flight patterns of male dancers, to comment on international financial irresponsibility and — falling. The company also welcomes guest artists, including local choreographer Folawole Oyinlola, the insanely accomplished and gorgeous Clover Mathis, and former Martha Graham Dance Company member David Chase.
Jan. 28-30, 7 p.m., 2011

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