Bend Your Gender

So much to love, as usual, at Tranny Fest, and so much to remind us of the enduring spirit of the young David Bowie. This year's “transgender/transgenre” screenings and performances unsurprisingly feature plenty of pokes at matrimony, it being the Year of Gay Marriage, such as Michael V. Smith's The Near-Perfect Wedding and Ann Von Hageman's Michelle's First Wedding in a Dress. Also, the fest offers hot tranny skin flicks, like Couch Surfers from Trannywood Pictures, with its FTM cuties. Fuzzy! But our pick is Julie Saragosa's The Outsiders, a Super 8 homage to Coppola's so-perfect evocation of how it feels to feel very sexy about feeling very lonely. “Boys” in leather jackets: That's a yes. The keynote speech is given by Annie Danger, and includes video of Erica L. Brown PhD., Psy.D who does work on “transsexual phenomena.”

Tranny Fest starts tonight at 8 p.m. with “Pocket Rockets.”
Nov. 6-8, 2008

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