Bills, Bills, Bills

It's been a rough year for San Francisco art galleries. In a city where money seems to speak louder than just about anything else, galleries are struggling to come up with the funds for their ever-rising rent, or even hold on to their leases. Rising costs — due in part to the expansion of tech start-ups — have already pushed three beloved galleries, George Krevsky Gallery, Rena Bransten Gallery, and Patricia Sweetow Gallery, out of their spaces. So far, the Mission's Incline Gallery hasn't been hit, but that doesn't mean it is oblivious to the threat. Its newest show, “Stop Being Poor,” brings together the very best local artists to touch on the topic of wealth — and how it can be destructive. Owners also ask that you buy a piece from the show because, come on. They have to stop being poor. Working in installation, performance, and visual arts, Stop Being Poor asks the question: Which is more valuable, tech or culture?

June 6-8, 2014

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