Boy or Girl? Maybe Not.

Apparently, not everyone is respectful of transgendered people. Can you believe it? Jerks. But they're out there, and they can make things – simple things, like using a bathroom or getting a driver's license – very difficult for those who are not boys or girls, or weren't born the right gender, or aren't sure. In the courtroom, particularly, discussions about basic rights get real humiliating real fast, since talk tends to focus on what a person's genitals look like. How those very personal configurations legally allow or disallow certain behaviors is the concern of Dylan Vade and Chrys Curtis Fawley's Trannymals Go to Court. Casting the actual, up-close genitals of eight transgendered people as lawyers, judges, and other courtroom characters, the film is probably the single best way to give Jesse Helms a coronary. The directors' use of glued-on googly eyeballs and tiny wigs and accessories is visual genius, and conceptually brilliant as well: You want to look at them and talk about them? Fine, but they're going to look and talk back. At the ongoing Trannymal and Trannymals Go to Court Screening, Vade also screens the prequel, which features one person's crotch area, with googly eyes, in all sorts of interesting (non-sexual, it should be noted) positions.
Thursdays, 6 p.m. Starts: March 6. Continues through March 27, 2008

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