It might sound like a joke, but Tim Draper is hella serious about his plan for California. The venture capitalist is pushing a ballot measure to split our one, gloriously-golden state into six different states. As absurd as this might sound, he did get his locations right: Fresno and most of the valley would be part of Central California, and those people up north who've been trying to secede for generations would finally get Jefferson. San Francisco would fall into the newly formed state of Silicon Valley (and we thought there was already a tech backlash — strap in for some real protests if this thing goes through). The man himself will appear tonight at Tim Draper: The Case for 6 Californias to explain the plan. The program says he'll be taking questions. We want to know which state gets to claim the word “hella.”

Tue., May 6, 6 p.m., 2014

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