Call it a Religious Observance

What's the most celebrated holiday between Father's Day and the Fourth of July? For fans of Comedy Central's absurd sitcom Workaholics, it's a special summertime yuletide miracle: Half Christmas. Take the day off work, maybe, and pick up a keg of eggnog (a keg-nog), and in the evening put on your best ugly sweater and go to Cobb's for a screening of the as-yet-unaired Half-Xmas episode of the show. Fans will be gathering in comedy clubs across the country on that half-holiest of nights to watch the episode, which will air the next day on Comedy Central, and to compete in crazy games for redonk prizes. There are many other things too: a Half Christmas costume contest and plenty of opportunities for the devoted to make fools out of themselves in the Workaholics spirit. (Cast members will not, however, be in attendance.) In the six days leading up to the holiday, fans can visit the Workaholics tumblr page to prepare with food and drink recipes, costume and game ideas, and more.

Tue., June 25, 7 p.m., 2013

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