Carnival of Bad Taste

Peaches Christ doesn’t show movies — she stages events. Peaches is the longtime force behind Midnight Mass and director of last year’s horror comedy All About Evil. Her spring salute to taboo-smashing local filmmakers, the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival, is packed with stimulation, titillation, and naughty laughs. Follow the klieg lights to the late-night world premiere of Devious, Inc., xuxE’s kinky S.F.-shot feature set in the flashy, trashy world of fetish escorts, replete with musical numbers and (we’re just guessing) a happy ending. The preshow festivities include a fetish costume contest. The festival begins with Peaches and Sam Sharkey warming up the crowd with a rock set, followed by a butt-cheek-challenging program of 20 (!) short films including Sinking State, a collaboration between Frazer Bradshaw and Beth Lisick (Everything Strange and New). Put it this way: If anyone can get away with calling a shorts program and a feature a “festival,” it’s Peaches Christ.
Fri., April 15, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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