Cinematic Sex Mavericks

Despite the sinking sensation that our beloved Gomorrah by the Bay seems to be slowly but surely replacing sexual openness with culinary whimsy as its dominant subcultural draw (though the two have been known to make occasional bedfellows), the squirrelly spirit of independent erotica remains as bushy-tailed as ever. Eschewing mainstream productions of quotidian eroticism in favor of a more populist prurience, the Good Vibrations Independent Erotic Film Festival puts the spotlight on sexy films made by the people in your neighborhood. The popularity of last year’s screening left local peeping toms scrambling for standing-room, justifying a more expansive celebration this time around: Behind the Spanish Colonial Baroque façade of a certain San Francisco Historical Landmark #100, an early Sixties-themed “Pleasure Lounge” hosts pre-premiere cocktail partying, complete with suggested dress code (swanky), suggestive live music (jazz), and signature pasty-twirling (Twilight Vixen Revue). Deeply indie film queen and drag celeb Peaches Christ hosts the screening, joined by the snappy sexology of author, educator, and activist Dr. Carol Queen, Ph.D. Finally, it falls to the audience to pick the blue movie of their choice, the auteur of which walks away with a very erotically charged $1,500 cash prize.
Thu., Sept. 17, 8 p.m., 2009

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