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Genie and Audrey's Dream Show draws its material from two distinctly different art forms: circus and poetry. Genie Cartier, who started the show with longtime friend and clown Audrey Spinazola, has an MFA in creative writing from SF State, and trained at the San Francisco Circus Center throughout her formative years. She's been mixing the disciplines ever since. “My thesis was called 'circus poems' — it was all about growing up in the circus, and some of those poems are in the show,” she says. But the literary tone doesn't make the show stuffy, or dilute the irreverence of Spinazola's clowning. Their website refers to the Dream Show as “a very, very serious work of art,” with “terrible jokes.” It also features testimonials from such luminaries as Cartier's boyfriend, and Spinazola's mom. As for the show itself, it pulls off the unique trick of having no real plot, but remaining entertaining. What story there is, centers around two girls who fall asleep and dream of having a circus.

Sept. 10-20, 2:30 p.m., 2013

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