Comedians You Won't Reject

Why pay to go see a bunch of guys whose most recent individual accolades include winning a high school stand-up contest in 1986 and performing in a Carl's Jr.? The five comedians that make up the Rejects of Stand-Up might not be Chris Farley, but if you're drunk enough, a good story about someone else's failure can really get you going. These guys celebrate their own rejections and misfortunes in the comedy world with a set of crass characters and a sample of the humor that violently swerves away from the mainstream. What you're really waiting for, however, is the center of the Tootsie Pop here, an appearance by Sweet Gail. She's not one of the Rejects, but regulars in the San Francisco comedy scene know her from her years of calling in to radio stations and her nights at Brain Wash Cafe. A darling little woman in a red beanie, Sweet Gail addresses anything from why people on the street think she's a crazy person to alien toes. This shows a great opportunity to spend some time in the dirty underbelly of stand-up as Sweet Gail warns, “Everything is not cream pie in the comedy game.”

Fri., Aug. 23, 10 p.m., 2013

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