Coming Out of Their Shells

The women behind the variety show Monday Night ForePlays embrace the absurd. Among other sketch oddities, they’ve dressed up people as the bottles in an alcoholic’s liquor cabinet — making the next act, stand-up comedian Rachel McDowell, gleefully tell the audience that seeing a man dressed as a bottle of Jim Beam “was about the sexiest thing I’ve seen all night!” They’ve had Dora the Explorer visit the Tenderloin and converse with a tranny hooker and a homeless man. They’ve staged Clitoris: The Musical. But on a serious note, these women — part of the fierce, scrappy, and growing theater company PianoFight — have grown comedically and theatrically since late 2009, when they began writing, producing, and acting in a new show every few months. Their latest is called Spring EGGstravaganza. In it, producer Kate Jones says, they reinterpret (and set to music) a 17th-century poem about hymen restoration. There’s a group discussion on how to ease the monthly pain of “manstration.” A Craigslist rideshare goes horribly awry. (As they do.) And a popular energy drink gets a huge boost — and becomes potentially lethal. Filling the spaces between sketches are musical acts the Whiskey Richards and Hanna Rifkin. Stand-up accompaniment includes Natasha Muse, Chris Burns, and Mary Van Note.
Mon., April 18, 8 p.m., 2011

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