Do you dread going to work? No, no, we know you don't hate your job. After all, we're all so lucky to have jobs at all in this economy, yadda yadda. But do you hate the physical act of getting there? Sitting in traffic? The weird stains on BART seats? The Muni rider who thinks you should listen to Kid Rock, too? Then this is your chance to chuck all that and join the robust masses who actually enjoy their daily commute. Bike to Work Day is the perfect opportunity for the fed-up to mount up and try pedaling to their place of employ for the very first time. Convoys of more experienced riders usher greenhorns downtown along the trustiest routes. Along the way, pass oases of that which workers love: free stuff. Twenty-six “Energizer Stations” throughout the city offer coffee, snacks, and other swag, gratis. There's free bike parking at a downtown corral, and a free free raffle may net you a new bike or cycling gear. After you put in an honest day's work, head over to the Bike Away from Work Party and lift a pint and swap stories with your new friends. You look so much cuter wearing that helmet on a bike, anyway. Everyone on the bus thought it was weird.
Thu., May 14, 7:45 a.m., 2009

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