Controlled Chaos

In Sticky Time, time doesn’t follow our rules. Instead of progressing linearly, it sticks – like the title suggests – and bends and coils. Scenes that seem to take place at one time really take place at another, and the characters, who work in a time-recycling plant, seem to be family, yet their roles keep changing. Keeping with the subject matter, writer/director Marilee Talkington decided that her staging shouldn’t follow the rules, either. The audience is in the center of the playing space, with the action and four simultaneous video projections playing 360 degrees around them — a reverse of theater in the round. Sound, too, envelops the audience, with speakers situated around, above, and below their seats. Those seats are swiveling chairs, placed in close enough proximity that audience members must cooperate to avoid knocking knees. Talkington, who is legally blind, also wants to incorporate touch and smell into the experience (although she hasn't told us how that might happen). The visually impaired, she says, are usually “left out of the theatrical equation.” As such, she intends to offer at least two performances with audio description. The only people left out of this co-production between Crowded Fire Theater Company and Vanguardian Productions, it seems, will be sticklers for “proper” theater — and physics.
Nov. 9-12; Mon., Nov. 14; Nov. 16-18, 2011

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