Cute Overload

The holidays are upon us (We're basing this on Safeway breaking out the Christmas decorations five minutes after Halloween), which means we can finally listen to Mariah Carey's holiday album unironically and that we once more have an excuse to pour eggnog on everything – Hello, huevos nog-cheros! Adding to our festive spirits is the SPCA's Pet Adoption Holiday Windows Unveiling at Macy's, featuring adorable and adoptable puppies and kitties to melt our hearts this winter. Last year's event raised $80,000 and found 325 animals homes, and temporarily absolved Macy's of its consumer foibles (including the terrible techno it plays on weekends at the makeup department). This year's event also features former Mayor Willie Brown and 49er Running Back LaMichael James. Go on, get wrapped up in holiday cheer.
Fri., Nov. 16, 5 p.m., 2012

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