Dare to Go “Whole Hog”

Unless you regularly grab life by the throat, you’ll probably never have the inclination or knife skills to butcher a whole animal. You’ll probably never even have a whole animal. But what about a trunk, a rump, or whatever partially dissected hunk is for sale at your locally sourced meat-parts department? Whether you go whole hog or hindquarters, a few hours with Ryan Farr of local 4505 Meats and his book Whole Beast Butchery will serve you well. It’s the premier guide to modern butchery, according to people who know (local chefs), and it offers step-by-step, photographic instruction on how to whittle down every last part of a cow, lamb, and pig, from a guy who knows this stuff so well he teaches it — Hog 101 starts Jan. 28 (www.4505meats.com). If you’re a vegan and you’ve made it this far, we’re so sorry! Your book-party is the launch of Oakland chef and activist Bryant Terry’s The Inspired Vegan on Jan. 24, with food from the book by Soul Cucina (www.bryant-terry.com).
Sat., Jan. 21, 3-4 p.m., 2012

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