Deathly fun at the de Young

As October continues and Halloween approaches, a slew of events will be popping up that are designed to startle, frighten, and otherwise petrify. But few of them will be able to match The Fright at the Museum Scavenger Hunt for thrills. It combines the age-old adventure of the haunted house, the recently trendy concept of a scavenger hunt for adults, and the cavernous creepiness of the de Young Museum into what may be the perfect date night for the Halloween season. The evening explores the dark side of the artist's heart, with a search through the museum for skulls, skeletons, monsters, and severed heads. There are also references to lethal ball games, appearances from cold-blooded killers, and a “lip licking party for cannibals.” Yikes. Hire a sitter, because this one is for adults only.

Sat., Oct. 12, 2 p.m., 2013

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