Department Store Depression

A 33-year-old man applies for a job as an elf at Macy’s for the holidays. He gets the job and becomes “Crumpet.” Into his diary he logs the lowlights of his eight-hour shifts: 22,000 daily visitors, multiple accidents on Santa’s lap, a fellow elf who hits on the visiting moms, a hard-drinking Santa, a Santa who sprays spittle when he talks, and learning about “the vomit corner” during training — then seeing it used in real life. His honest and comedic work instantly becomes a literary success. Little did the shoppers and employees know that their every move was being documented by this elf, to be turned into an essay and eventually a theater performance. The elf was David Sedaris, and the result The Santaland Diaries. Although Sedaris is not present for his production, local actor David Sinaiko puts on the suit and acts out excerpts from Sedaris’ work. So forget about that elf job this holiday season — unless you’re working on a screenplay.
Dec. 22-24; Dec. 26-30, 2011

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