Draw, Baby, Draw!

You know Sirron Norris. He's one of those prolific Mission District muralizers, whose doobie-smoking teddy bears sport high-top sneaks and look out at the world through sad, sad eyes. Sometimes they eat a hoagie. Norris' street scenes burst with bubbly perspective tricks, but still reflect their own immediate environs. The work looks fun, but never silly, and there's tons of it; if you've ever even visited the Mission, you'd have to be incredibly self-involved to have missed it. See Norris in action at Sketch Tuesdays, a monthly event based on the hugely successful Monster Drawing Rally: Artists sit at a table, you walk in circles around the table, and the works grow before your very eyes. It's like Magic Rocks. This episode also features artists Mary Anne Kluth, Angela Knowles, Ryan Verzaal, Daniel Leyva, Chase Bowman, Bryan Dawson, Brett Amory, and others.
Tue., July 29, 6 p.m., 2008

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