Experimental Animal House

In May 2010, the For-Site Foundation (“art about place”) put up a large-scale art exhibition. “Presidio Habitats” commissioned a group of artists to make sturdy, beautiful, interesting bat houses. And sculpture that birds would like. And a pyramidal den for a fox. One of the artists here, one of the best, is imprisoned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, whose traditional blue-and-white porcelain was pressed into service as potential owls’ nests. A year later, the delicacy and strength of the pots, plus the passage of time, means a visitor can stand under the majestic cypress in which they hang for a long, long time, just wondering. Other favorite installations include the fictional hare-and-turtle race signs, now weathered and faded, and the ever-bright yellow chairs in an open meadow, for observation and S’ing TFU purposes.
June 29-Sept. 30, 2011

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