Expression of Confused Nature

One of the latest in a slew of releases from Richmond-based Punk Hostage Press, SB Stokes' debut book of poems, A History of Broken Love Things, collects, as he says, moments of “disillusionment at the end of a relationship, or just [the] expression of that confused nature in real time of trying to do your best for someone else, trying to get to know them and you're both in motion and you're vectors, potentially moving in different if not opposite directions, and yet there's a moment of overlap during which time you have an opportunity to garner some kind of connection with one another and to grant each other some kind of permission that's sacred and unique.” Many of the poems convey that confusion through language play, periodically revealing gems like “I wish I could use my tongue/ to find your moon.” The book is composed of about a third of Stokes' MFA thesis; the rest, he's written since publication — impressive, as he finished his degree at SFSU just last year. For the release, a dozen of Stokes' female writer friends will read from the book.

Fri., March 21, 6:30 p.m., 2014

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