Fack Off

If you’ve ever been among Australian mates in the wee hours in the presence of liquor and no women, you’ve probably heard them trade stories about romance. This can be a world-shattering event for young, delicate Americans, especially those who’ve gone through a Smiths phase. Comic Jim Jefferies is one of those Aussies. He’s incredibly, matter-of-factly, but also elegantly (the Australian accent) filthy — also dirty and shocking, too, but in such a nice way, charming the audience and making it complicit. One joke starts with him deciding to go to the Porn Warehouse in Amsterdam instead of the Anne Frank house and ends, some eight minutes later, with him manipulating two chopsticks in regions they have no business, one to dislodge a formerly vibrating egg (not the kind you eat) and the other to, ahem, “widen the hole.” What transpires in between is like a one-man Aristocrats performance, as he tries to deal with the consequences of his baser instincts and the poor state of Amsterdam sex toy manufacturing. Jefferies is also notorious online for a video in which he is attacked in an English comedy club — he takes a series of hard shots, any one of which would flatten Gilbert Gottfried, before the thug is pried off. Jefferies, clearly in pain, deadpans after the assault: “I employ that bloke for when gigs are going badly.” He’s a tough one, this Jefferies. Buckle up.

Jason Wheeler and DJ Mervin open.
Feb. 17-20, 8 & 10 p.m., 2010

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