Fishes and Father Figures

The ASKEW Film and Performance Festival is a look at some of the best and most groundbreaking work from the Bay Area's “fringe” artists. It's produced by the crew at the Femina Potens art gallery, which believes in “creating space for the exploration of identity through experimental, body-based performance art, and living interactive artistic manifestations.” ASKEW brings these values to the stage and screen with three evenings of themed material. It starts with We All Live Here: Primal Expressionism, and continues through the weekend with Breaking Stones: Defining New Roles of Masculinity and The Sacred and the Profane. Of the many works presented, the most well-known is Siouxsie Q and Sean Andrie's story about a mermaid sex worker, Fish Girl. The most anticipated is probably Femina Potens founder Madison Young's Catch, which explores our cultural fascination with heroic father figures. And our vote for most intriguing goes to Gabriella Daris, who creates a sex ritual from mini golf.

Feb. 6-8, 7 p.m., 2014

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