Forks in the Road

Hardcore foodies know that it takes a lot of work keeping up on The Places to Be, The Dishes to Try, The Chefs to Follow, and The Next Big Cocktail. And now that the holidays are over, it will be at least several months before those Midwest friends come back to visit and demand that you be their culinary guide. This means you have time to train — and tonight there is Dishcrawl. This walking tour of SOMA restaurants combines culinary flash-pan flair, barhopping, and social interaction. (You can never know too many foodies, after all — and tonight you could meet dozens.) We can’t tell you much more about the restaurants and bars on the agenda — they aren’t disclosed until a couple of days before the event — but we trust Dishcrawl’s reputation. Crawls have been held in cities across the United States and Canada, with numerous ones in the Bay Area. Each event features different culinary experiences. In fact there’s a vegetarian crawl scheduled in the Mission on Jan. 31. You know — for those friends visiting from Eugene or Berkeley.
Tue., Jan. 24, 6:30 p.m., 2012

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