Four Wheels Bad!

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's annual fund-raiser isn't all about bidding on stuff like a 1981 Raleigh Super Course bike or a date with Ross Mirkarimi. No, amid the abundant microbrew, the company of your fellow two-wheel maniacs, and the incredible art show, the Extra Action Marching Band makes this a benefit that transcends its purpose. Put another way, fund-raisers are often boring, but Winterfest sounds really good, because in very concrete, practical terms, wherever the EAMB goes, the good times follow. People have been known to fly through the air, be healed, and spontaneously learn to dance while listening to the famous rock brass gang. The event's art exhibit is also reason enough to go — much of it features bicycles — and includes contributions from painters Val Britton and Suzanne Husky and sculptor Kirk Stoller, and many others.
Sun., Dec. 2, 6 p.m., 2007

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