Fun with Neko

Dear Neko Case, after you're done blissing out the crowd at the outdoor park show, here are some things San Francisco might do for you. (Besides having brung you your pals the Dodos.) You could go on a whale-watching boat trip, although eight hours is probably more time than you have to spare and does your harmonist, the silver-voiced Kelly Hogan, really want to do that? She would probably like Vice Palace, the gay hippie musical, but the dudes in your band — are they ready for the amount of swingin' dong our beloved local production dishes out? Perhaps it would be easier to talk those brilliant musicians into seeing the “Wicked Plants” show at the Conservatory of Flowers. Which is near the Academy of Sciences which contains Claude the albino alligator btw. But surely your whole intelligent, poetical, rooty-country entourage would enjoy the San Francisco Mime Troupe's 2012: The Musical, in Dolores Park all weekend. Try the salted caramel Bi-Rite ice cream, Neko! It's one of the only things we know of that's as good as hearing your songs.
Sun., July 3, 2 p.m., 2011

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