Gentrification's Ripples

It sounds like the start of an old joke — what happens when an aging commie, an immigrant-turned-patriot, and a new-money techie are stuck together in a boat? The punchline is left up to San Francisco Mime Troupe, which presents this predicament in its newest comedy, Ripple Effect, in Dolores Park. Ripple Effect examines the current free-love-capital-turned-corporate-superpower San Francisco, yet the mimes take a light-hearted approach to the heavy topic. The mimes, who, surprisingly, talk, sing, and dance are decidedly vocal. They aren't so into the old striped shirt and pantomime route; they take the word “mime” as to mimic. Mimic they do, and loudly — their specialty is to poke fun at idiocy of the human condition. And if anyone is qualified to joke about the gentrification and changes in San Francisco, it's the San Francisco Mime Troupe, that has been around and active, giving free performances in local parks for over 50 years.

July 4-5, 2 p.m., 2014

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