Gesamtkunstwerk It, Girl

Nineteenth-century German composer Richard Wagner would have been mortified to hear himself compared to the enterprising queer party planners responsible for present-day San Francisco nightlife. Good thing he’s dead. Suffice it to say that the former, in an unwitting portent of avant-garde gay clubs to come, strove to create performance events that made use of as many art forms as possible and that revolved around a bunch of screeching divas onstage. They called it Gesamtkunstwerk, and Bulb, a new “nightclub of the performing arts,” is putting that 50-dollar Teutonic word back into action. The brainchild of Michael Soldier (also known as infamous drag creature Precious Moments, who took the Miss Trannyshack crown one year in a virtuoso display of onstage sodomy), the two-month-old club has already made a splash with its all-encompassing roster of surprise entertainment. One evening featured five old-school performances from $65,000 Silicon Wonder Gina LaDivina and a Wig Revival Tent by Jordan L’Moore, all punctuated by raucous live music and go-go dancers. (Regarding go-go dancers, another night saw faux queen Kegel Kater getting down with her new preferred prop, a life-sized animatronic toy pony.) The mixed crowd packing the dancefloor only goes to show that the audience for a weekly synthesis of the performing arts remains ready, as ever, to party. Tonight’s Bulb features a zombie dance party and assorted Michael Jackson creepy thrills.
Tue., Sept. 15, 11 p.m., 2009

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