Getting A Blowout

Jennifer Blowdryer is the girl version of John Waters, only she's not a director, or from Baltimore, or as famous. Still, for a moment in the late 1970s, punk rock had a sense of humor along with its vicious need to point out hypocrisy, and this was the fertile, filthy ground that nurtured the young Blowdryer and the less-young Waters. A semi-local author and editor (Good Advice for Young Trendy People of All Ages), Blowdryer's great talent is to see and share bald pearls of wisdom that can only be found in the garbage. The Laziest Secretary, Blowdryer's recently reissued book, is a story about a hilariously shameless temp named Latoya who's too poor to even dream about anything beyond scamming her next drink. She's lovable, but mostly due to authorial wit: “She had some quality you could trust,” muses a man considering whether to hire her. “Maybe it was that she didn't care if you gave her cocaine or not.” At this evening's reading, MK Chavez, Stephen Boyer, and Scuba Scotty join her, and we're sure they're very smart and funny. But we're especially excited about rock star, DJ, writer, and icon Brontez, whose 'zine Fag School is the one of the best things to come out of San Francisco; it's even better when he reads it to you himself.
Thu., Aug. 21, 8 p.m., 2008

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